life update

where to even start?!

1. FINALLY finished moving out of the beach parentals. Very very very long & drawn out. I should have been given a deadline. Lovin the new place. Lots to do still. L.O.T.S. to do!

2. Might get a cat? Kitten? We have a little mouse issue in our storage shed out back. Lots of wooded areas near by. Hmmmm..... It would be an outside cat so technically that does not make me a Cat Lady. Right? RIGHT?!!!!!

3. Met a handsome, thoughtful guy recently. Trying not to freak out & run away.

4. Now that I wrote No. 3 I cant recall what No. 4 was going to be......




Ah-yes! 4. Looks like Ill be returning to the Ozarks soon for work. I hear it's really hot up there. SO ready to see it during the fall. The pictures look magical.

5. Annual Canoe Trip is just around the corner-yay!!!!!!!!

6. Little Sister is purchasing a house. Craziness. So excited for her. Not jealous like I thought I would be, haha.

7. Hope everyone has had as much fun as I have this Summer. Seriously. So. Much. Fun. Def making up for studying most of last Summer!

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