what up, yo?!

I am busy-yay!!!!! We have lots of design work again & it's incredible [knocking on wood as I type this] and mind boggling and crazy and fun and exhausting and exhilarating all at the SAME time. I have work here in Florida, on the Texas coast & in Missouri. That's about all I can share. Well, that & this random pic... Bar elevations & exterior colors. You would think it would be so much easier to design a bar considering all the countless 'research hours' I put in during college. See, Momma, Dingus Magees did have a purpose for my future. :)

-NO NCIDQ SCORES-end of June. Lets all start praying right now, thanks!

-Um....still living with beach parentals. Eight months now-wow. Who needs a roomie in October????

-Fish Monster Pug Butt is still residing with MegaBoo and is enjoying his lavish lifestyle full of table scraps.

-I'm running, walking on the beach every morning [seriously the best way to start your day], and trying to be hotter than my sister at the Hangout. Not really. Well, maybe.

-No new hobbies or weird diets. That I can recall. I'm back in the land of carnivores again.

*lauren-got your email & I promise to write back soon. promise*

So you know I'm alive & well now. On to some more exciting topics.....

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Melissa J said...

YAY a post!!!

Love that your "research" is coming in so handy now!

Miss you!