hangout music festival

That's where I am right this very moment-wahoooooooooooooo! Last year was so amazing & it was just the first. Not to mention it was at the beginning of the Oil Spill this year is bound to be mind blowing. As per the usual-I was packing last night & had to snap a few shots of the final wardrobe selection. No, this is not all I packed-but what I'm planning on rockin' out. In lieu of the 'I ♥ Gulf Shores' trucker hat I do believe I'll be sporting my fedora from the SAV trip a few months back. Ill have both {plus my Sweetwater hat} so I should be good to go. I just admitted to packing three hats. For three days. Over pack much, Bess?! That's when I pull the girl card.

Below are a few photos from last year. Gah, I'm writing this ahead of time & want it to be RIGHT NOW!!!

For more info on The Hangout Music Festival you can click {HERE}. Happy Weekend!!!!!!

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Melissa J said...

Cute outfits!!

Have fun!