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I haven't really had much time to sit down & really delve into any one's blog I follow. My Google Reader honestly serves as a child's picture book and if something pops out at me I try really really hard to go back and read it...but most of the time don't.

On a random side note-I did finish reading the book 'Little Bee' recently. Amazingly written, amazingly. Especially to be from two women's point of view and the author is a man. In the beginning I would read paragraphs & then step back and be in awe of how perfectly he discusses a scar or a language in ways you never would have imagined thinking. All I can say is that it's not a fairy tale & not full of 'happily ever afters'. BUT-those are the ones that always make you appreciate your own version of 'happily ever after'. Go read it.

Back to our topic of blogaliciousnous...

I've found several Tumblrs I keep going back to. More pictures-less words. These are my top 3 current favs:

Dainty and Dangerous
That kind of Woman
musing in femininity.

When you need to drift off into a world not your own, but sometimes you wish it were. Enjoy!

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