oh yeah baby!

I started running again!!!!!!! Woo hoo! I started the 'Couch to 5K' program about a month ago. Because of traveling/chemical peel/life-I'm only half way through week 3. NONE of that matters though because I'm running again and my knees DO NOT HURT! I think I did too much too soon too hard and did it all everyday giving my body zero recovery time. Yall-I love to run & the add above is exactly all of the reasons why. Yay yay yay-had to share a little of my happy. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Super Bowl time-Packers or Steelers? Hmmmm. image from {here}


Lauren & Eddie said...

I am beginning Week 1, Day 1 on Monday. Operation "Bridesmaid's Dress." Yuck. You know I hate to run. But I've GOT to do something. Running, crunches, kettlebell, and yoga. Keep me accountable!

Bessie Mae said...

Yaaay!!!! I have a friend here at the beach who hates to run as well & she just completed her first 5K last weekend! You can do it!