inspiring words to get through humpday

And man are they needed because Ive hit week 4 of Couch 2 5K and have to run for 5 minutes, then 3 minutes, then 5 & then 3 again with 1:30 walks in between each. It was super painful Monday BUT I did IT! Its cold & windy and that always makes my lungs feel like they will burst into flames. Ugh-ready for sunshine, chirping birds & to start dripping sweat :)

Enjoy a few words of wisdom and a little dose of patience....

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Another great source for pre-work out inspiration is the Tumblr Sweat, Baby! Sweat!! I love love LOVE her outlook on life, fitness & happiness. It's kind of contagious after a bit :) Happy Humpday.


Momma said...

I especially liked the 2nd one...but Keith Olberman???? Really??? Come on Bessie...Keith Olberman????? he is such a cad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bessie Mae said...

Mother-I love you.'s MY blog. Did I make any reference to who the quotes were by? Do I honestly care who they are by? No. Lets keep the comments positive please. Love you & see you tonight. -Boo