resolutions circa twenty-eleven

Well, its that time of year again. Time to take stock of 2010's good, bad & ugly. What do I wish to continue? What do I need to get rid of? What should I keep? What should I change? Always so exciting & daunting. So here is some of my list...

1. Of course I plan on dropping a few pounds-who doesn't after living such a glutenous existence from November straight through December?! Bring on fad diet #917,132,947,238. 2011 will be the year of The 17 Day Diet. That's right folks....because The Doctors said so....I will look like the 18-year-old version of myself by January 17th! Bahahhaaa! Now its time to get serious. In the last year I have quit running [one of my long time loves] because my knees are not so hot anymore & I would prefer not to have surgery. I have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis & damn near let it get the best of me [mentally/emotionally] at the beginning. I spent 4 months locked away in a dungeon studying for the hardest test of my career, so far-to ALMOST pass all of it the first time. SO-needless to say I need a big ole kick in the A**! It's time to get serious again about taking better care of my body from the inside out. I don't think the 17 Day diet is in any capacity a miracle 'cure all' that will make me look like Gisele. She kinda looks like a horse anyways.... I just want some motivation. Its like a new planner at the beginning of the year...It's new, neat, clean & makes it fun & exciting to stay organized. Come on now-you know what I'm talking about!

2. In the last year I have also come to realize what true friendships look like. They aren't all perfect & aren't always the ones you see or talk to the most. BUT-they all show their true colors over time and eventually it becomes more & more obvious who those friends are. I want to let these friends know how much I love them & appreciate them. Sometimes I feel as if I get too wrapped up in the here & now and let those friends fall to the wayside. So here's to being a better friends to those that have been so amazing to me!

3. Cuss less @#$^%%%^. Yup, I have a potty mouth at times & I know it's not very attractive. I obviously try to keep it in check when keeping certain company. Living with the beach parentals for a bit has already helped. It all goes back to that 'Southern Belle' thing I guess?!

4. HAVE MORE FUN! Live my life to the fullest. Ive gotten in a funk as of late. It happens every year here at the beach. Its cold....I'm rarely in the sunshine....all signs of human existence shut down for the off's easy to feel lonely & get bored. Time to shake it off again and let the good times roll!

5. Start going to church. It's been a long time coming. I feel like this needs no explanation. I don't go & I should. Period. The end.

There are a few more. Some more serious than others....but there are a few things I would like to keep to myself. Interesting to see the Top Ten New Year's Resolutions in comparison. Well, now that typing out that list has made me feel slightly inadequate-lets review some of the AWESOME things that happened in 2010!

1. I finished my first 'big girl' design project. I also almost passed the NCIDQ & that is amazing in my book. Retaking one little nugget on April Fool's day & getting it over with for good!

2. Ate Mexican food for breakfast in Texas. Ha! To me this is super AWESOME.

3. Had fun playing 'Graphic Designer' for a friend's Save the Date. Check it out...

4. I moved & it in turn got me out of credit card debt! Jumping up & down. I wish more people were open to discussing these things. So many are embarrassed by their debts & don't discuss them. Watch the news-the whole damn country is in debt up to their eye balls! I found that discussing mine with those around me help me to stay motivated to get rid of it.

5. Hung out at THE HANGOUT Music Fest. Good good times with one of my favorite & most adventurous compadres! Also flew to Nashville, TN for a night to see Michael Buble live & in concert.

I'm sure there are a million other fun moments-but those are the top 5 that are jumping out to me at the moment. I hope everyone had a safe & happy NYE. Wishing you all a healthy, happy & prosperous 2011!


momma said...

I share a few resolutions with you this year...the diet/taking care of myself, the potty mouth , the church one and being a better friend/person/mother/daughter/nurse, etc. Hope I can look back in 2012 and be proud of my results!!

Bessie Mae said...

me too momma....and of course the diet doesnt start until I'm well :) I cant handle this sinus infection & try to count calories! hahhaa

Quintel @ Urban Paint said...

love this girl! oh, and please send me the name of that font on the save-the-date you designed...i'm diggin it!