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One of the most refreshing aspects of any trip anywhere is to get excited about food again! It's a great way to get out of a 'food rut' where you eat the same boring things over & over again. My taste buds are revived again after a few days in Atlanta.'s not because I stuck to my current kind-of-vegan-plus-fish-and-sneak-in-cheese diet. Oops! A few exits south of the city we hoped into a Wendy's for a quick lunch. This wasn't nearly as hard as I had anticipated. This girl LOVES cheeseburgers. So. Freaking. Much. So you should be very proud of me for ordering the Baja Salad sans the Wendy's Chili you pour on top. I got guacamole instead. That was probably the scariest part but it was surprisingly fresh & tasty.

After a few hours of wandering around the Mart, it was time to meet the most amazing gay man this world has ever known, Robert, for dinner. *Side note: every girl deserves a man like this in their life. What I would give to have the ability to view myself & life through his eyes where everything is fabulous & I look like Cindy Crawford.* Back to food: We dined at the original Six Feet Under where I feasted on their seared 'Big' Tuna dish and had a few tasty IPA's that I cant remember the name of. No pictures, but a cool spot. Gets it's name from the cemetery across the street. The have a 'famous' bloody mary bar for Sunday Brunch.....but I'm always driving back that day and have missed it.

After dinner we hoped over to The Sound Table for a few fancy cocktails. Robert & I met up with Libby & former beach 'local', Rebecca, to catch up a bit. This place had a super cool, hipster vibe. The cocktail menu is slightly intimidating if you aren't familiar with funky cocktails and fancy liquors. Since it was freezing outside I had the most magnificent Irish Coffee known to man. Too bad they didn't have decaf. The space was very dark with all of these little intimate seating areas, hence the dark images below. The banquet Libby & I sat on was constructed to look like the slat wall in the second image. Loved that detail!

After my night of fun I needed some major 'substance'. Especially for the long day ahead. So when it came time to order breakfast in the hotel restaurant I completely caved and ended up with eggs AND bacon. Oops! Lunch was in the depressing Mart cafeteria. I was a god girl with my salad....with steak on top. I was just the teeny tiniest bit hungover & NEEDED it baaaaaad. A little afternoon nap later & I was back to 100%!

Now for the day's piece de resistance, Abattoir! Click [here] for the menu & Ill give you the run down on what we ate...

We obviously opted for the 'family style' sharing of small tapas like dishes in lieu of larger entrees. Ok, are you ready for this?! We started with the Chicharrones, gourmet pork rinds. My boss selected a Pinot Noir that we had just a *few* bottles of and it was amazing. Need to get the name of that.... Then we feasted on the Pommes Frites with home made mayonnaise [the mayo was almost straight butter], brussel sprouts drowned in a butter sauce and the house bread that was even out of this world. We had a house selection of seasonal cheeses and they were all divine. We also had a house selection of charcuterie that consisted of all of these interesting meats and sausages I would have never tried on my own. There was candied bacon, yes, CANDIED BACON. It was extraordinarily out of this world! Imagine exaggerated bacon, better bacon. Oops....just drooled on the keyboard. We also had the Lamb Liver Fritters in Sauce Meuniere. This was another item I would have never selected for myself and I am so thankful I had it. It was heavenly and by far one of the best 'salty' dishes we had that night.

Now for dessert. Nope-this ride isn't over yet folks! Between the five of us we split 2 magnificent Flans and some cake-something-another I didn't make it to. This Flan was magical and each bite had me 'mmmmmmmm'-ing and on the verge of unbuttoning my pants to make room for more. It was covered in the most perfect of caramel sauces and accompanied by two caramel sugar bacon cookie things. It was the perfect blend of salty and sweet. I don't believe I would have touched any of my dinner had I known this was at the end!

Not only is the food amazing at Abattoir, but the decor and overall vibe is great as well. The name Abattoir is french for 'slaughter house' and that's what this building used to be a million years ago. It's got that cool old warehouse feel with lots of industrial touches. They have perfected the eclectic collected look with the sleek and simple greige banquets accompanied by lots of vintage pendants and a few white wicker high backed dining chairs. That all looks so random thrown in one sentence together! But hey-they rock it out. This place is a MUST for Atlanta. Don't ask me what area its in because I have no idea. Just go & find it, please!

Man, I am exhausted, hungry & ready to go back!!!!

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