anthro love

I was a lucky, lucky girl & was given the opportunity to spend this past Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in Atlanta, Ga. at the America's Mart for work! Such a crazy, jam-packed 3 days of heaven!! And to top it all off-we were able to hit up the new Anthropologie the day after it opened. Check out the goodies I found in the sale room... {above image from here}

{image from here}

{image from here}

Is it Spring YET?!!


Melissa J said...

OMG....I am IN LOVE with that black dress! You are going to make it look so good! (that is what my dad always says about him self when he gets dressed up) : )

Bessie Mae said...

Thanks Melissa! Hahaa, that cracks me up about your dad. It's actually this funky dusty navy color. It's funny-I feel like both of the items look so much better in person on a real body w/ real hips. They both look kind of 'flat' in these pictures & when I had them on I felt curvy & girly. We need to plan a girls trip up there to do some shopping one of these days!! OH-did I ever tell you we have a Lucky store in Destin now?!

Melissa J said...

I am sure it looks amazing on your body! I am SO freaking jealous that yall have a Lucky store,not fair!

19 more days : )