lucky girl

Pardon me while I take a moment to brag about my amazing friends. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle & bustle of your own life and forget how lucky I am to be blessed with my own personal support system. It's also so easy to get agitated with small, insignificant daily matters and easily loose my cool. I think everyone can agree with that-no? I am thankful for all of my friends....red & yellow, black & white :) Whether I see them almost everyday or we only have a phone chat once a year. I sure hope they all know that! New Year's Resolution??? I received a few fun surprises this past week from a few of these great friends. They both caught me completely off guard & made me feel so loved. Always a nice surprise during this hectic time.

Melissa {bff from Interior Design Hell, I mean school} wrapped & then shipped the awesome 'B' mug above & that cute notepad that is me to a 't'! I have a HUGE sweet tooth & am definitely on the organic bandwagon. Those are perfectly captured on that notepad perfectly! Melissa has been such a good friend to me over the years. She's even spent a weekend in Tifton w/ myself & Robert just so we could all be together. Now that's a sign of a good friend! Ha! B image from {here}.

Jackie {Summerplace Lane Roomie & Sweetwater's Best Rep on the Market} sent me the gorgeous flowers! I was having such a bad morning & arrived back at work to find this beautiful arrangement on my desk. I honestly thought they were on the wrong desk at first, haha. She sent them for my almost passing NCIDQ score. So thoughtful b/c she was one of the few friends that actually witnessed the sacrifices I made & saw how sucky the study/practice material was. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders & I appreciate her so much!


Melissa J said...

How sweet of you to blog about this!

Bessie Mae said...

How sweet of you to do it! Just needed to brag a bit :) Love you!

Melissa J said...

Well I know it wasn't very much but when I saw it I just had to get it for you!! Love you too!

p.s. we need to start planning out trip to either ATL, Tifton or Savannah.

Bessie Mae said...

agreed-i vote Savannah! its been years since ive been over there. i cant believe it....but its actually been years. Ill be in ATL for work in JAN with no real time to play :(