life update

Whoa-Ive been gone for a bit, huh?! I have been super, super busy doing really amazing glamorous things like watching Mad Men in my sweats, paying off ALL of my credit card debt [hooray!] and eating a lot of pecan pie. Like I said-amazing & glamorous. Hahahhaa. Here is a little update on life thus far...

-Credit Card debt is a thing of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooohooooooooo..... One question though-is it wrong to buy myself a little 'prize' in honor of this milestone? I'm all about rewarding myself when I accomplish things that aren't very fun. But for some reason it feels wrong in this scenario. But-at the same time-I soooooo deserve it, right?! And buying it with cash money, not a card-duh!

-NCIDQ results have been mailed & no, I have no idea if I passed yet. Talk about a prize! If I passed that thing you will be looking at [or reading of] a very proud Michael Kors Watch owner :)

-Still living with the beach parentals. We have fun when we are actually home at the same time. But, I do feel as if I'm reverting back to the teenage days where I hole up in my bedroom. Hence the reason I have completed all of the Mad Men dvds.

-Going to see Michael Buble in concert tomorrow night in Nashville, TN with my little sis!!!!! Its her bday present from the madre & myself [as in madre paid & I'm attending, thanks Momma!!] I'm super pumped to hang out in an actual city for a bit. Less than 24 hours to be precise and so worth it.

-I just had a celebrity sighting. Seriously, two hours ago. On that note-gotta go :)

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