blast from the Christmas past

How cute was I?! I think the image above was my first Christmas & at my Mema's house? Momma will probablly comment soon to correct if not. Meg scanned & emailed me several Christmas pics from my childhood for a feature on our work blog. I could only use one so you get to see the rest here!

The image above & the next few are from Christmas 1986 in Dothan, AL. This was just after my little sister was born-probablly just a few days to be exact. My Aunt Marsha is in the apron & my mother has on the gingham button up. I actually remember some of the holidays in this house. I remember burning my hand on a frying pan in that very kitchen the day Meg was born {omen?}.

It was in this house that my mother & I had just finished decorating our tree and were standing back to admire it when I asked her: 'Mommy, when we get rich can we have colored lights on our tree?' Needless to say she went straight to the store, purchased colored lights & just wrapped them all around the finished tree. When I was a little older she asked if we could go back to the classic white lights-our favorite-& of course I agreed. However, now that there is once again the pitter patter of little ones around the holidays, we have reverted back to our 'Rich Tree'. Can't you tell how proud I was of my cookies below?!

This picture {below} is from my grandparents house at some lake on the outskirts of Tifton. Near the old water tower that used to be spray painted....if you are from there & know them its on the way to the Baldwin's house! It's the house they lived in when my mother was still in high school. That's my Meme on the left. I do believe she is even prettier now. I pray I age as gracefully as she has. That's Dusty at my feet. He was my 'big brother' growing up.

Ahhh & below is an image of me with the most life changing Christmas present I will ever receive! Little miss sassy Meg Marshall is in that bassinet. Gotta love that wood paneling :)

Here I am with my Daddy....just like the interior designer I am today, supervising! Kidding-I put crap together all the time. I'm sure I didn't rush him at all during that process.

The beloved Cabbage Patch Dolls! They were twins-a boy & a girl. I used to run around with their tortoise glasses on all the time. I'm sure I broke those in a few days time! Such a fun Christmas present-thanks Santa ;)
Hope you enjoyed my little jaunt down memory lane! Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!


Momma said...

Those were good memories and your narrative is pretty close to the we will just let it stand....LOL.

Melissa J said...

Thank you so much for sharing! You were so stinking cute! Thanks for the chat last night, hope y'all have a very Mery Christmas!