Granted I was out of town all week for work.....I must admit it was still a much needed escape from the hum-drum, monotonous 'norm' that has come to be life as I know it. I thoroughly enjoyed my breathe of life's fresh air. Feeling a bit revived & exhausted all at the same time. Also a bit blue today...

I grew up with a group of cousins (not mine, but my age), all boys, and they have remained some of my favorite people to walk this planet. Sometimes I wonder why, ha ha. But, regardless, I love them all and it makes me so sad to see them experience any loss. This weekend one of those cousins' father passed away suddenly. My heart breaks for them and they are all in my thoughts & prayers. It is times like this that you realize life is precious & short and you must hold those you love near your heart. Please keep this family in your hearts & prayers as they grieve.  

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