mexican food for breakfast= AMAZING!

I've been in Port Aransas, Texas for the past 5 days installing a families beach home I have been working on for a looooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg time. I'll share lots & lots of pictures soon, promise! In the meantime I have to share this amazing breakfast my boss got me hooked on. I have never in a million years considered eating Mexican food for breakfast. In fact, I sort of wish I never had it because it's not the healthiest thing in the world to dream about. That's right folks, DREAM, not even crave. It's so good it haunts me now that I have returned to Florida and can't seem to find it. The dish pictured above is Huevos y Chorizo..... basically scrambled eggs w/ chorizo sausage. This image very closely depicts what we had two mornings in a row. I would have eaten if for lunch & dinner if Paige had been game, ha ha. Our dish came w/ fried potato cubes instead of that chunk of cheese. The best way to eat it is to put re fried beans, the huevos y chorizo, fresh avocado & fresh salsa into a home-made tortilla....wrap it all up & you have the most amazing breakfast burrito. So hungry. Uggghhhhhhhhh. I want more!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a safe & fun Halloween Weekend. Image from {here}.

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