my childhood is vintage now? vintage my ass...

I wore that dress for a portrait with my sister (& maybe my cousins?) when I was a toddler. Pretty sure it's from the year I hacked off all of my hair & looked like a boy in a dress 24/7....or perhaps that I had just completed my last round of chemo. I will dig up the picture b/c if I remember correctly its hillarious. I think it's the one where we all look really confused. hahaa. Yall......this dress is for sell on Etsy as a VINTAGE dress....vintage?! I'm only 26 & my childhood is already vintage! Can't that wait till I'm say 50? Anywho-I was pretty darn cute in it (minus the hair issues) and if you have a chubby cheeked little female monster you should buy it for her. I'm sure it will envoke in her the need to cut off all her hair & beat up little boys like I did :)

Image from & dress available {HERE}

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Q. said...

ahhh! i had one similar. no, not the sailor girl :) girl, i think i took my pre-school pic in it. you know, w/ the random beams of neon light in the!