4th festivities in a nutshell

ZERO pictures because the iPhone went MIA momentarily & the camera stayed in my car. BUT-mucho mucho fun times accompanied with lots of relaxation! It's funny, you would have thought I would cry over the almost departure of my iPhone considering the fact that I can be borderline obsessed with it.

I am happy to report that this weekend was almost like an actual vacation because I didn't have to deal with any of life's norms....they were all locked away with the iPhone as I spent several care free days & nights at my parent's house in Seagrove. It kind of felt like the old times when I would crash with them for the summer. I woke up, walked Catfish (was Lucky Dog back in the day, tear). went for a bike ride through Seagrove, Seaside & Watercolor and then lazily lounged on the beach, the sofa, and the porch as it rained...and I read....and I snacked...and I snored. Such an amazing way to pass the time.

Of course there was the annual Live Oak Throw Down in  Seagrove where we spent the evening dancing the time away under a blanket of stars. Fireworks were viewed on the beach-of course. Great Great Great 4th. Missed the little sis all weekend. Don't think Ive had a 4th with out her in some time now.

This is going to be a short week but I have a feeling its going to stretch itself out a bit. This is the time of year when Summer starts to wind down along with the pace of life. Lots more lounging in my future...... unfortunately accompanied by STUDYING my hiney off! Eye on the prize though. Sure do hope Momma & E.Diddy can make it down this weekend. Hint. Hint.

Hope everyone has a great week. Maybe I will post a few pretty pictures later? I did get half way through a read that made my heart oh so happy-'Mr. Darcy's Diary'. You know I love anything 'Pride & Prejudice' related and its so fun to hear (what we all hope) would be the story from his perspective. I think every woman falls in love with Darcy. Such a complex character. Definitely the Edward Cullen of his character's era. How gay is that analogy? Hahhaa. Peace.

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