such a sucker

Hi, my name is Bess & I'm a foodaholic :)
Hahaha....I bet people that read this & have never met me think I must be HUGE. Happy to report I'm at a healthy 149 lbs {OMG-i just typed that for all the world to see. shocker. hahaa} and since I'm 5'8.5" it spreads out pretty well over my 'athletic frame'. BACK TO FOOD. So I love all foods-healthy, super healthy, not so healthy, deep fried & items that can be classified under true 'fat girl' moments. Take this week for instance...I have had fried green tomatoes, fried okra {tried to make last night, not so good. better luck next time I hope}, Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace ice cream and have more in my freezer and left over pizza. Wow. Not to mention I had a 'fat girl' moment and decided I wanted something Mexican & FAST a few nights ago. 1 can fat free re fried beans, 1 package reduced fat cream cheese, a fresh tomato & some seasoning and you have a straight from the pantry 'fat girl' HEAVEN. I polished it off last night before I went to the grocery store. Do I regret the calories? Maybe. The taste & how happy it made me? No! I just walked Catfish an extra time and a little longer that night & I think I justified the venture. Plus, I do not eat like that everyday. I feel like I go through spells.....mostly relating to hormonal issues.......healthy gives way to not so healthy which in turn gives way to super terrible for you then slowly slides back to healthy and sometimes even super healthy. Did that just make any sense?!

Back to the point of this super random food tell all: I LOVE FRUIT. Especially in the spring & summer months. I walked into the produce section of our fancy new Publix last night with full intentions to only grab bananas for breakfast. Well.......I grabbed my bananas which were beside all of the beautiful juicy & shiny I grabbed 2 of 4 different varieties. Eesh. Not that bad, yet. Then I ended up in the berries. DANGER ZONE for me! But people, the strawberries were huge and red and just looked amazing. They were 2 for $5 so of course I grab 2......and a container of Rainier Cherries. Hahaha! Oh Lawd-then I passed a small basket containing a few scrumptious Georgia Peaches. That's when the produce section literally bitch slapped me & yelled 'Sucka'!!! So I grabbed 6. Just ate 2. Had an apple already this AM as well. Goodness-what am I going to do with myself?!

Why is fresh, yummy, good for you inside & out produce so freaking expensive?! Yet all the crap is super cheap. Hello Fat America. I wish everyone else thought all those goodies are as completely worth it as I do. What's the old adage? You are what you eat. So this week I'm a walking fruit stand?


Momma said...

I think it's genetic....I love, Love, LOVE fruit!!!

melissa said...

I also LOVE fruit and agree with you about the price. We can go and grab an entire box of little Debbie’s for the same price it is for 2 apples. Really doesn't make sense to me. When you come to Savannah in the fall I am definitely going to take you to Fresh Market. It is serious heaven when it comes to veggies and fruit, but does tend to hurt my pocket book.