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The other morning I experienced the most beautifully bitter sweet moment.......Its early morning & there is an unusually large amount of people on the beach. You can tell everyone is trying to enjoy this majestic place as much as possible before it is all ruined for a few months. Surfers, {Yolo-ers}, Fishermen, Tourists, Locals, Sun bathers, Sand castle builders & Shell collectors are everywhere you turn. There's even a cheese ball with a metal detector. All of a sudden something in the water catches my eye. There is a small group of dolphins playing in between the first & second sand bar. It always makes me feel so special when I get to see them passing through. Then to the left a group of pelicans swoop down for a quick bite to eat and are on their way. Any other day this would have been the most amazing way to start my day. Not this day. This day it brought heartache because this day we knew the oil was getting close. I have no desire to post the pictures I have seen of what the oil does to these magnificent creatures, it is gut-wrenching. If you want to see there are plenty of sites for that. Unfortunately I have seen some of these pictures. It took everything I had not to yell 'Go Away! Run!' after them. That morning it was heartbreaking because you realize this may be one of the last times those very dolphins ever frolic again. I think I fought back tears all morning. That's the sad thing.....we, humans, are pissed and heartbroken. We will loose so much money. We will loose our beaches for maybe a year. WE could have prevented this. They, the amazing creatures that call our oceans home, know nothing of this. They can't get away from this. They are suffering. They are dying. THEY didn't deserve this.

Our beaches finally got hit with {tar balls} this week. I still walk Catfish on the beach every morning and after this week the bottoms of my tennis shoes are covered in them. They don't look like what i expected. I thought they would be more like, well, balls. In actuality they really just look like clumps of dirt from afar. The {June Grass} is here and the water and beaches are covered in seaweed each morning. I ran into a few angry tourist on the beach the other morning who knew nothing of the June Grass & thought the dark spots in the water were the oil (notice I said in, as in under...not on top like the oil....have they learned nothing from the news that makes them all think they are experts on this subject?). They were so much angrier than any locals I have talked too. I almost wish they would all stay away with their negativity. We are all trying to stay clear headed about this & not let it get us down. It's time to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps & get on with life. If you walk around pissed off all the time BP wins, the oil is still there, millions of amazing creatures in our oceans and marshes still die & the local economy is still destroyed. Notice that-nothing changes. Time doesn't rewind itself & make it all go away. You might as well do what you can and pray for what you can't. It's going to hurt, but we will be okay.

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