off the book!

Facebook that is. Ive done this before. Sometimes it just starts to feel too close to home,too personal & too invasive. Also......Lauren made a good point today "open access to lots of information isn't always a good thing". Completely agree! Eventually I may cave & get back on. I have before. It's kind of nice to know you can fall off the 'radar' for a bit....do your own thing & all of those millions of 'stalkers' have no idea what you are doing. It's good to leave a little to the imagination. Who knows-I might become a nudist, dye my hair purple, get a tattoo or maybe just quit wearing make up.......but I don't need to post whatever it is on Facebook just so I get a lot of 'Likes' to justify my life these days. My life my way. Yup, like that!

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Q. said...

omg! we so think alike. girl, i got off too for the same reason...lol.