happy friday-no oil yet!

Catfish & I have made a point this week to go on more of our morning beach walks seeing as the oil spill may be hitting us soon. It's so sad that the rest of the world thinks its already here & they are canceling their vacations left & right and in turn missing out on what may be the last few wonderful beach weekends for a while. Sigh...Catfish loves the beach & has finally started to get in  the water a bit. If the oil hits it will be sad and obviously a devastation to the beaches, the wildlife & our economy. BUT, as with all things-this too shall pass. It will definitely be a time to see who can weather the storm around here. It will suck, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

*The above images are from this morning near Ed Walline at the end of 393. Lots of seaweed, but no oil!*

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