Below is the beginning & end of the very extensive and terrifying email I received this morning. So excited & so freaking scared!!! I have definitely been jumping through some hoops lately to get to this point. Now it's time to study. Study. Study!! I'm taking a 3 day prep course in 2.5 weeks. Jumping in head first.

'Congratulations! Your application for NCIDQ Examination eligibility has been approved. You are now eligible to take the fall 2010 NCIDQ Examination, October 1-2, 2010. This is your official notification. You must sit for the NCIDQ Examination at least once in the next five years or you will have to apply for the exam again.

Congratulations on taking this important step in your interior design career! All of us at NCIDQ are here to help you along the way.'

Notice the test is 2 days. I am completely on the fence now as to whether or not I break it up & take all of the written parts first & then the practicum section. Or do I just bite the bullet & get it all over with? Hm.... I really don't want to end up taking it twice. Guess I better make up my mind pretty soon?!

This would be the massive package of applications, work verification forms, transcripts & letters of recommendation I sent in. It was so scary to hand it over to someone else. I desperatly wanted to just hop in the car & hand deliver it to Washington D.C. myself. Good to know it was in good hands.....


melissa said...

YAY BESS!! : )

Q. said...

gooo bessiemae! knock em dead huntee! :)