life update

1. Had an AMAZING time at The Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, AL last weekend. More to come on that.

2. Tracery is assisting Poor Truman in throwing a pretty kick a** part-ay for a whole gaggle of Southwest Execs this weekend. We are all very sore & sleep deprived. My apologies to Fish Out of Water in Watercolor....I will prob never step foot in you again after I have moved every piece of furniture in your existance. Party is tonight & will be amazing. Clean up after...not so much. It's cool though. I just keep telling myself it's the work out I need after being such a lush for 4 days last week.

3. I started an awesome kick butt Ab Routine on a new iPhone App (the Daily Burn) a few weeks ago & I actually kind of feel like I'm going to ROCK OUT in my bathing suit tomorrow! It will be my grand return to the sunshine after my scary allergic reaction 6 weeks ago. I need a tan folks, bad.

4. STARTED RUNNING AGAIN!!!!!! My knee is 'magically' better & I dont have to have an MRI anymore. Monday's run was amazing & invigorating. It felt so good to get all red in the face and run until I was drenched in sweat & could barely breath. Granted, it didnt take very long to reach that point. No fear-I'll be back in gear before you can say 'Most Amazing Summer Ever on the Horizon'.

5. Catfish was attacked by a Great Dane this past Saturday morning while I was in Gulf Shores. It was horrific BUT he is ok. I'm ok. We will be ok. I love that little man so much more than I ever imagined after this traumatic experience. Ive been tempted to post a picture of him with the drainage tubes in his neck (have since been removed) but I still get a little grossed out by I'll spare you. It would be nice if the other dogs owner would come back from 'working out of state' so she can reimburse me for the $400 in vet bills I have paid this week.

6. Jennifer is coming to visit for Memorial Day weekend! P-Pop will be here with some 'Bany buds the next weekend! And McGrail will be here before you know it! Like I said-most amazing summer ever on the horizon.

7. My sweet baby sister has been here all week....those of you that really know me are shocked by that first statement :) hahaha.... she came to the Hangout Fest with me & havent seen much of her since. Momma-we got along GREAT all weekend but know better than to push our luck. She's been crashing w/ friends & the beach parentals all week since Millie can't be around Catfish right now.

8. Found a great prize for Q a few weeks ago that reminds me of her wedding & a perfect gift for McGrail as well......just found both of them under a stack of paper work in my room last night :) Promise to send those out tomorrow, err, Monday, err, by the end of the summer?!

So much more but that's all I can share for now. Yall have a great weekend!

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