want it, need it

I want a pair of white skinny jeans so bad right now it's about to kill me. I have been rocking my good ole boot cut/slightly flared white Citizens of Humanity jeans today & they are almost too big! So saggy by lunch i didn't even want to have them on anymore :( I guess that's a good problem to have?! I would love to get {THESE} Citizens of Humanity jeans because they always make my butt look good...

I tried them on last year when I was getting ready for our big Southern Living Photo shoot. I was still on the fence on skinny jeans & wasn't quite as skinny as I am now. Man! I wish I had gotten them while I had the chance & the $$$$$. This Spring I'm all about my new garden. I really don't need any clothes. But maybe a cheap pair would be fun just for the Spring & Summer?!

{THESE} Levis could get the job done for $31.99?? I really wish Target would do their skinny jean from this past fall in white for the Spring & Summer. I got a navy pair for $20 to test the 'skinny jean waters' & fell in love. I have been shocked at how many compliments I get on them too. If anyone sees white skinny jeans at Target that don't have a million holes in them I expect to hear from you!!!!!!!

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