Sake & Fried Rice=Happy Saturday!

A huge group of us hopped over to Osaka in Destin the other night for a fun filled dinner! My end of the table had Ho (yes, that's his name & its on his name tag & all) and man did he put on quite a show. He was right on target with our sense of humor and we were all rolling in the floor by the end of the night. Definitely doing that again soon....

{L-R} Me, Kristy, Mike, AK, Beth, Collin, Libby & Chris

{L-R} Robert's GF, Robert, Adam, Rebecca, Abby, Trent, JuJu & David

We pretended it was my birthday all night because, well, this is the perfect place to celebrate one & we are all rarely all together like this. So...I was the lucky one that got heckled by Ho all night. I asked to have my picture taken with him at the end. I had on heels & that makes me around 6ft. He had no idea how tall I was & he was a cute little asian dude. When I stood up I was as tall as that huge hat he has on {he's on his tippy toes in this picture}! Ha! I get up & he goes ' tall!' It was hillarious. He made my 'birthday' so fun-see my birthday candle...

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