my little green [more like pink] monster experiment

My wheels started turning after reading Seleta's post HERE about tricking her children into getting more veggies by sneaking spinach into their fruit smoothies. I hate to admit this, but I'm 25 [for 16 more days!!!] and I have to trick myself into eating &/or liking veggies. Fruits have never been a problem. Neither have fruit juices. I never wanted milk or sodas as a child. Give me a tall glass of apple or orange juice & I was a happy camper. But those can be loaded with sugar, grrrr. Any who..... I did some quick Internet/blog research this week [nothing scientific, so don't be impressed] & came across these 3 sites: Green Monster Movement, NHerShoes & Oh She Glows. Ive decided its time to get on another 'health kick' like I tend to do now & then. It always makes me sad to reflect back on all the things I have not stuck with. BUT BUT looking back I have also realized that I have walked away from each one of these 'kicks' with a new healthy habit/hobby/love that I probably never would have incorporated into my everyday life any other way. So....yes I will continue to try crazy fad health kicks & diets [no starvation here folks, if you know me you know I LOVE FOOD!!] because I feel like by trying these & walking away with bits & pieces I am creating my own healthy diet & way of life that is tailored to me, my health issues & my life. God made each one of us different so of course the same 'miracle cure' that works for one guy isn't necessarily going to help the other. Ranting now. I made up my own little recipe for a smoothie to 'trick' myself into getting the nutrients I need. So here it goes:

Ingredients: handful of ice, one banana, 4 baby carrots cut up, a 'glug, glug' of POM Juice, a 'glug, glug' of Orange Juice, a 'glug' of EVOO [extra virgin olive oil], a tablespoon of uncooked Oats, 2 TBspoons of Soy Protein Powder, 2 TBspoons of Ground Flax Seed, 1 cup of Soy Milk, 2 handfuls of organic raw Spinach, & a whole bag of organic frozen Mixed Berries....BLEND!

Needless to say, I just tried to remember all the things people have recently told me are good for Psoriasis, Cholesterol, Achy Joints & good overall Health. Then I took all those things & threw them in a blender like so...
The final product was a super yummy frothy pink berry smoothie that was slightly on the gritty side. I can get over the grit because it taste sooooooooo good & I know its sooooooo good for me! All the gritty pieces are mainly flax seed chunks that should have been ground smaller. When I use that bag up in two years Ill try something else. It really just taste like yummy sweet berries & my favorite orange juice in the entire world.

My little 'recipe' also makes enough for 2 people........or one girl that is trying to get a lot of yummy nutrients so she chugged 2 for breakfast this morning....and had 2 for dinner last night. Eesh! Even if I get too lazy/busy/whatever to continue making these for breakfast everyday-I do think Ill make them a few times a week to give myself a little boost! Another plus is that they get me super full & its an awesome full that last into those lethal hours between breakfast & lunch when you think you just aren't going to make it!

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melissa said...

That looks so YUMMY!!! I am going to try and make that exact same one next week!! I love you getting on your health kicks because it inspires me to be better!! My favorite part of this blog was you put your very healthy smoothie into the Retrievers beer mug!! hehe! I can't wait to try mine! Thanks for the inspiration!