my week in food...b/c all Ive been doing is eatting

Ive been on what you could call a 'fresh food kick' lately. Ive been trying to consume lots of Earth's yummy goodness and shovel in as much green veggies & fruits as I can get my hands on.

Being a 'Georgia Peach'-I couldn't resist these beauties in the produce section. I had 2 for dinner last night. Delish

Munched on these Raspberries the other night while I whipped up an awesome veggie dish. Sometimes fruit is so pretty I HAVE to buy it b/c something that gorgeous has to taste amazing-right?!

I used all of these veggies in an awesome pesto pasta dish [thanks Rachel Ray] that I will be making again this weekend for my friends. Soooo good. Hoping to get around to sharing that recipe. Homemade pesto is so easy & so good!


Linda said...

Is that zuccinni or cucumber?

Bessie Mae said...