run away

Dont you ever just want to run away? Im talking sell all of your belongings & run off into the sun set. Hop on a one way train & never look back. Is that a song lyric? I dont even know where the closest train is. Would Greyhound be as cool? I love my family, my friends & have an amazing job doing what I want to do. BUT sometimes it just all seems so monotonous. The winter blues are setting in big time in my bubble...ive watched all my friends succumb to it & I think Im next. Maybe if I just runaway they wont catch me. Ugh, my last few years of college all I wanted to do was get out of school & start making my own money & being independent. Little does one realize how much responsibility comes with that. Its like I missed my chance to do something crazy & just settled a little to be more comfortable. I feel like I'm resourceful enough that I could run off & live somewhere random & I dont know.......wait tables, milk cows or whatever for a buck. This is nonsense. It will be beach weather soon & I wont want to be anywhere else on earth. Well, maybe a few other places. Need something to look forward to-NOW!

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