quick read

Read this while traveling to & from Dallas a few weeks ago. Guess you could call it a quicky?! It boasts a great lesson in forgiving. One I needed at the time. Here's the breakdown. Three siblings are reunited after the sudden death of both their parents-in the same night. While planning a funeral & dealing with their own personal issues they discover thousands upon thousands of letters their father wrote to their mother. Unbeknown to them, their father had written their mother some form of a letter every Wednesday for the entire span of their marriage. I think they were married 50+ years?? Reading the letters turns out to be a journey through an unknown past for the entire family. If you have any type of family issues this will make you look like you grew up in an episode of 'Leave it to Beaver'. I think my favorite thing is that the epilogue was written in the form of a letter and was stuck in an envelope in the back of the book. And since this one is straight off of my 2009 reading list, you guessed it, HUGE tear jerker. Maybe I need to take Prozac to read? My stepmom says I'm just very 'tender hearted' these days. Not sure what that means. Or if it's a good thing. I've been 'tender hearted' for years now. Kind of over it. Ready to take a stab at being that tough chic that never cries.... at the end of every Lifetime movie. Hahaha.

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