i want to be a nomad, sorry mother

I waltzed into Borders the other day to pick up my copy of The Help, that I got for half price online & had shipped to the store for free (!), and ended up walking out with THIS instead. Apparently it takes 53,987,492,374 days for a book to ship from Borders to Borders. I started browsing & after watching The Art of Travel for the second time whilst sick....I decided to stick to the travel thing. I'm half way through this & I LOVE it, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I find myself laying in bed at night looking around my room going: "I don't need that, or that, or this & I could sell my car to pay for plane tickets, Catfish could live with...." And then I fall asleep and have super crazy dreams about sleeping on the ground in the jungle and such. Mother: I am not about to become a nomad. Not right now at least. So yeah, that's my week so far. Should be interesting what crazy thoughts the next book conjures up. Will I move to Mississippi? Probably not.


Momma said...

Join the military and see the world!!! You know I am not serious, right?

Bessie Mae said...

you sound like Daddy, not happening! haha