i fed a baby tiger once, seriously

This is so freaking random, but I saw this image HERE & it reminded me of the time I actually held & fed a baby tiger. No, not that baby tiger above. I have a Polaroid of it somewhere. Must find it!! I was 15 & in Fernandina Beach with some friends for the weekend. We were in a drive-thru at McDonald's & the truck in front of us had a big cage in the back with a BIG tiger in it. He pulled off into the parking lot to eat & we pulled over & asked if we could take a picture. He told us for $20 he would let us hold & bottle feed a baby & take our picture with it. I, being the ridiculous animal lover I am, JUMPED at the offer! My friends thought I was crazy & that it was a rip off. I mean, $20 to hold & feed a baby tiger?! I hear it's half off at the Wal-Mart-SIKE! I still think that is some of the best money I have ever spent & I'm sure those girls have still never held &/or fed a baby tiger. It was amazing. It was so sweet, cute, soft, cuddly & STRONG. I can only imagine how much power those thinks are packing when they are full grown. Hope you enjoyed that random trip down memory lane.

*Side note: Momma & baby tigers were en route to a Tiger Rescue Reserve place. I think he had saved them from a Circus or something along those lines. So I like to believe my measly $20 went to a good cause as well.

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