it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Saturday night was quite similar to friday & I couldn't have been happier! Rebecca made home made sugar cookies cut out in super cute holiday shapes, sugar icing that dries hard (very technical terminology here) & home made hot cocoa!! Rebecca, myself & Abbey decorated the cutest cookies ever. And of course a few not so cute... those make the best taste testers :) We followed all of that up with the movie 'Away We Go'. A very surprisingly sweet movie. Definetely an overall great low key weekend with wonderful friends. Oh yeah! Taught an Origami folding class at the shop Saturday for Rosemary Beach's Holiday walkabout. It went much much better than expected & I had a blast. Kind of ready for a redo?! Pics to come. Or just a link to the Tracery Blog post. Don't think I want to write that twice. What's even better is knowing that this coming weekend is going to be waaaaaaaaaaaay better! Here I come Dallas!

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