happy weekend

Getting some much needed R&R over at Kristy's. We made mini cinnamon streusel muffins. Thank you Betty Crocker, from the box of course. Followed that with a first time viewing of 'Julie & Julia' & LOVED it.


Lindsay said...

i watched that movie yesterday!!!! doesn't it make you want to buy that cookbook??!?!?!?! I loved it too.

Bessie Mae said...

oh my gosh-so loved it!! as soon as the movie was over I looked & kristy & rambled off this long list of things I was instantly inspired to goes something like this: buy that cookbook, cook a few of the things in it, blog more & be better at it, move to a foreign country, learn the language & a new unexpected skill.... she just laughed of course. i guess ,mcgrail, you can cross off some of the larger feats on that list after Spain?!