happy new year

What a year this has been! Whew....excited to see what 2010 has in store for me though. Its time to make a few resolutions & put my mind to getting some things accomplished this year. These are my wishes for 2010:
-run a half marathon (13.1 miles I believe)...inspired by McGrail & Mikell
-see Washington D.C. w/ Abbey for a our annual trip together (May perhaps?)
-start cooking again. I used to love to & lost the passion from living alone too long.
-get out of debt. credit cards=the devil. seriously
-be happy & follow my heart. 2009 proved to be a surprisingly adventurous year & I'm proud of myself for taking a few chances, no matter the out come.
-get out of the bubble more. I love where I live, but 30A is not a mecca of worldly learning.
-take more pictures. received a new camera for Christmas that I keep forgetting I own. that's terrible. maybe finally sit down & read about my Holga & start using it.
-stop reading books that make me cry. random I know. BUT this has seriously become a problem with my last few selections. i cant tell you how many times I have randomly burst into tears here in the shop on a Saturday or in an airport full of people. mortifying. Open to suggestions here.
-I will not say get skinny or any nonsense like that. I actually think Im at a good size for me for once. A few things could be toned up, but other than that...just keep running & trying to live a happy life. The day I stopped looking at Cosmo I gained a lot of self respect that I didnt realize I had lost. Fashion Mags= the devil. again, seriously.
-go to the dentist. hahaha...went a few weeks ago for the first time in probablly 2.5 years. that was not a fun experience. happy to report no cavities! time to take care of ALL me.
happy new year, yall!
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