We are kind of a big deal & Libby's Birfday

Did you know that my friends & I are going to be famous & have our own reality show?! Yeah, we are kind of a big deal. Silly camera men even followed us to dinner the other night. The show is going to be called 'Real Single Chics of 30A'...Bravo is slated to pick it up.

SIKE!! Bahahhaa....I hope maybe one person for two seconds thought: 'Really?!' It was Libby Lou's birthday and we had a fabulous time at Old Florida Fish House eating sushi & drinking too much wine. Some random camera crew showed up and we were one of 4 tables in the joint (thanks Off Season) so of course we were filmed. Some promotional thing for the area. I looked like poo and was not too thrilled about the situation. What can you do?

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Melissa J said...

that is not even funny!! I (of course) was that person who belived you and was really excited that you were going to be on TV!! That was NOT nice!