No Direction

This has all been so freaking random lately. Apologies are in order for those of you that read this. For some reason the lack of order and direction bothers me when I glance through my recent posts.

I'm in my hometown, it's 12:45am and I'm wide awake. That 's very unusual for me. Very jealous of the snoring pug beside me. Possibly still wound up from the birth of my new niece, Mary, earlier in the evening???? Definitely something exciting enough to keep me from slipping into an involuntary coma at 10pm.

I'm bored with every 'bell & whistle' my iPhone has to offer. Watch out, here comes the Thanksgiving recap... Hmmm, arrived in Tifton Wednesday evening, just in time to miss out on most of the night before turkey day chaos. Also just in time to steal my little sister away for dinner (aka stuffing our faces) at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Why can't someone invent a miracle diet that consist of only consuming tacos, enchiladas & queso and then magically loosing ten pounds?! A girl can dream... Let's see- next is Thanksgiving. Lunch with Dad's family in Leesburg, GA and dinner at Moma's in Tifton promptly followed by food coma by 9pm. Friday running and then eating pecan pie all day. I wish I was exaggerating. Saturday-running then Thanksgiving #3 at Grandparent's in Tifton for Moma's family Thanksgiving. Side note: disfunctional families are great at Christmas (more presents. Don't judge me. Also means more to buy) but purely detrimental to one's health at thanksgiving. Spent Saturday night sitting by a bonfire, watching the UGA v Ga Tech game and catching up with old friends. Sunday- too hungover to run, played with nephew, put up Moma's tree and met my new niece Mary! Tomorrow I shall make my return to the Gulf Coast.

That was my Thanksgiving-you are super bored if you just read all that. I'm still not tired. Will find something else to write about shortly.

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