Loving Frank

FINALLY finished that book this past week before I left for Thanksgiving. Wow, I really wished I had googled Frank Lloyd Wright's life a bit before I finished it. When you are being taught about his architectural style, influence and his amazing work in school they tend to leave out the personal part about how he 'ran off' with a clients wife that he loved fearlessly without abandon for years all the while being shunned by all society. They finally find peace and make this wonderful little life for themselves and then BOOM- she is brutally murdered along with her children and several other men by a crazy man with an ax in Taliesin (the home Frank designed for them) while Frank is in Chicago for work. It was a great love story and I love Frank Lloyd Wright even more, but really?! What a terrible ending and the worse part is that the terrible parts are true. I was borderline disturbed (if that's possible) by the chapter about the murders. I just didn't see it coming at all. Not a good thing to read on a sleepless night. But other than that- I give the book two thumbs up. It was a great melding of architectural history, a struggling love and in the end (very surprisingly) murder/mystery. Would have like to of been warned that there was no 'happily ever after' though.

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