a tale of two stories...

So about two months ago I started reading this book I had eyed in Starbucks about a year ago-
"The Art of Racing in the Rain". No I haven't finished it & yes I said two months-girlfriend has been busy, don't judge. Great book by Garth Stein-its a tale of a man (race car driver, not NASCAR) and his life (falling in love, starting family, etc) through the eyes of his dog. This is a very intelligent dog...just as I imagined he would be. Full of great life lessons and the racing parts aren't as boring as I had expected. Thanks goodness because there are a lot more than I anticipated! Book isn't very uplifting/cheery, word to the wise.....I'm 75% through it & have cried on average about every 15-20 pages. Tear jerker! But, to hear the accounts of these people through a dog that is a silent member of the family that simply takes all situations in as a quiet witness can be very eye opening. Like I said earlier...lots of life lessons. Now I'm torn though! I lost this book for a few weeks and needed a read for my flights to & from NYC. So...I grabbed "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. This is the fictional account of the affair between famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and one of his clients' wife, Mamah Borthwick. One of the reviews I read said that "if Frank Lloyd Wright is the reason people pick this book up, then Mamah Borthwick is the reason they will keep reading it." It's true. I'm a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's work and it was the perfect trip to start this book because I ended up in the Guggenheim while I was in NYC! The characters are brilliant and inspiring...and I love Frank Lloyd Wright even more (yes, I understand the book is fictional-I totally think he was really this cool though). This is a great blend of fact & fiction! I love LOVE love this book, seriously. I'm a little over half way through this seriously folks, every night as I climb into bed it's like choosing between my two favorite TV shows that are all of a sudden on the same night & (gasp!) the same time! Who knows which one I will finish first. I guess only time will tell?! Click HERE for more on Racing in the Rain & HERE for Loving Frank (this site is perfection!).

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