Well, I did it....I put my entire blog life out there for the whole world to see. There have been so many blogs I have wanted to share with people, but have been far too lazy to get the list out there. Now that it is I feel busted, like I just got called out for having a problem. Can you have a problem when it comes to blogs? My name is Bess and I'm a blogaholic. There-I said it! I have a lot of random interest & the fact that I can sit down with my cup of hot tea every morning and just scroll through them all at once via a very long list of blogs I follow [praise the Lord for Google Reader]....makes me a happy girl. Need a recipe for tonight?? Check out 101 Cookbooks or Pioneer Woman. Interior Design Inspiration?? Highgloss Blue, Design*Sponge, Blueprint Bliss, Little Green Notebook, or every other blog to the right..... What have I been up to at work? Check out Tracery Interior's blog that I contribute to occasionally w/ Doug. What are some of my favorite people in the world up to? Check out A Page is Turned, A Girl Named Zippy or Urban Paint. Fashion Inspiration?? You MUST hop on over to The Sartorialist-one of my favs at the moment. I could go on I am quitting now. But you get the point, right?!

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Lauren said...

I'd just like to say that as obsessed as you are, I'm that much more. I currently have 64...yes, I said SIXTY-FOUR...blogs on my Google Reader feed. No, they don't all update every day. But imagine when I go out of town for a weekend and don't look at them for a few days. Holy's absurd.