Sighting: Sheryl Crow

That's right folks: Sheryl-freaking-Crow! In my opinion you can't really get any cooler than Sheryl. I do believe that my co-workers think I get excited over any run-of-the-mill celebrity of any sorts. Well, maybe I do. However, to me Sheryl Crow is not just any ole celebrity. Her music is amazing. There is a song for any mood....any season....whatever! I think her music is also quite perfect for the laid back beach life. If you haven't heard her do 'Strong Enough' live w/ the Dixie Chicks you are missing out!!! I have loved her music for years and years. SO-when she came casually strolling into our shop a few weeks ago you can understand how excited I was. Her parents have had a house in the area since....well, before I started vacationing here in 7th grade...a long time ago. I have heard stories of people running into her in local restaurants, grocery stores & even being lucky enough to catch an impromptu performance. Most people don't even recognize her upon first sight. Ugh-I have been dreaming of the day I would see her-just to be in her presence sounded like heaven. [promise I am not a stalker-that last line was a little scary, hahaha] She walked in & I instantly knew who she was even though she was about a foot shorter than I expected and super petite. She has that 'yogi' look to her....aka, not an ounce of fat. The whole thing was over before I knew it. She casually strolled through-I was the only person in the shop-I said hello & told her to let me know if she needed anything. She replied w/ a 'thanks'.... strolled.... said we had a 'pretty store'.... and strolled out. I said 'have a nice day'. Aren't you proud: I totally played it cool! No screeching "OMG-you are Sheryl Freaking Crow!!!" Keeping fingers crossed she will come back. And yes, she was just as cool as I expected her to be!

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