I just literally spent 4 days watching paint dry and I wish I was
kidding. Highly recommend purchasing at least two stencils when
tackling a project like this. Definitely worth it. I am in love with
this wall and might shed a tear when someone finally hangs art on it.


Q. said...

good job! i like it. but, i'm honestly diggin that gray desk...

Bessie Mae said...

The desk is aluminum and amazing! It's all scratched & dinged & oozing character. Big aluminum pulls on the drawers too....half of our office hates them and half loves them. I LOVE them and would never dream of changing them! From the front it looks like there would be a large file drawer on each side-BUT, as you can tell by the books-its an open shelf on the sides. So cool & lightweight...and technically recylable. I want it BAD and sadly have no where to put it.