the cupcake world

When working in the retail world you can easily become agitated by frequent tendencies of idiotic tourists. Yes-I am venting here. So I work at the cupcake stand in Seaside a few nights a week. When I am there I have usually already been at work for 8 hours that day on top of the 4 hours I am spending giving the children of 30A cavities & sugar highs :)
It is not a hard/taxing job & I actually enjoy myself there most of the time. People are always happy when they are buying a cupcake! I just have one little qualm with these people who do not think before they open their mouths....THINK people. Seriously-you would not believe how many times I hand them a cupcake & they ask for a BAG. You may not think this is that big of a deal. But then again you have not been asked this 50-million-bazillion times. A bag.... for a cupcake.... with icing. Do you know what would happen if I just tossed your precious little cupcake in a bag and sent you on your merry little way? Reference image above. Not so pretty huh?! We have BOXES for cupcakes. If you purchased a birthday cake at Publix would you expect it to come in a bag? I know this only bothers me because of the other 50-million-bazillion things tourists do here and it is the end of the season (thank you Lord). Well, I have shared this issue w/ the 'Queen Bee' at the cupcake stand and she thinks it is quite entertaining. I do believe it has finally gotten under her skin as well, though. She texted me a great story last week- woman purchases cupcake, departs w/ it in it's little tray, returns, ask for bag, Queen Bee simply hands her bag and woman stands in shock for a few seconds. You know what's going through her mind-what am I supposed to do w/ this bag?! This cupcake cant go in this bag, it will get smashed! Hahaha! I can see Queen Bee standing there now w/ a smug look on her face that reads: you ask for bag & you shall receive! Hahahhaahaa........ the woman promptly asked for a box of some sort instead. I would have paid money to witness this!

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