Okay-so i need to vent a little so please bare with me. I ask that you also keep in mind that this is me venting as Bess the blogger to not be taken seriously, not as Bess the interior designer. This blog in no way shape or form represents the thoughts/actions/ideas/feelings of the company I work for. This is me just voicing a little disappointment.

This post was supposed to be really exciting and full of good news. Obviously not the case. Thanks to a local photographer a 'big time' Interior Designer that I pretty much think is was recently photographed in our store. I spent so much time getting this shop ready just for her arrival. The photo shoot was for a big time paper and it was going to be amazing publicity. Honestly-I was just excited to meet this designer and simply get to be in her presence. She came to the store, had the photo shoot, was super cool (as expected) and it was overall an AMAZING day. Don't get me wrong-all the things in that last sentence were pretty kick ass.

So the article is out-today-in this big time paper (check it out here). The featured image is of this designer in ANOTHER STORE. This would not be upsetting had we been told (as has happened before) that we were not the other shop being used for this article and that perhaps we would not make it in the article-at all. We were all of the understanding that it was just us-just us! We have all been on pins & needles for around two weeks now to no avail.....major let down. That's life I guess.

**side note: other than this mishap life has been quite wonderful. not a debbie downer.

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