The Time Traveler's Wife

Finished last night. I laughed. I cried....and cried there at the end. I have no idea why i thought this would be one of those love stories where they live 'happily ever after'. Henry (the time traveler) travels b/c of a genetic defect, not because he wants to and not b/c he has any control over it. Claire (the wife) spends a lot of time worrying and mending him upon random return. Can you imagine spending your entire life loving this one person and at any moment he could vanish into thin air and never return and you may never have a chance to say goodbye b/c you never know whether or not that was the last time you will see him. And you live everyday like that. Wow...what a love. And not to be a hater-it really is an amazing love they share for one another. Claire's steadfast devotion to Henry is very honorable. You can't help but hurt for her when he is absent from her life for long periods of time. I love that Henry gets to spend time with her as a child....there are so many people I know in my 'adult' life that I would love to have seen as children. It's so endearing the way that he interacts with and loves Claire as a child and then all the way into her adult years.
Back to the 'Claire being so worried and never knowing when he will travel from her for good' part......that is terrible to imagine, but it did force them to make the best of things and really enjoy one another for what they were when they were & when they were together (read it and that will make sense, promise). I guess lesson learned there: in reality anyone can 'disappear or travel' and 'poof' be gone from our lives forever. Everyday is a mystery to all of us and it should all be lived to the fullest extent-time traveler or not. Hmm....hope you enjoyed that super random brain fart of a book review.

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