surprise gift

Last week one of my favorite girlfriends, Rebecca, accompanied her boyfriend to N.Y.C. for a graduation & some fun times. While away I stopped by her home to pay her dear little Lucy (cat....dogs were in kennel I believe) some attention & simply made sure she was still around. No walking, scooping or feeding involved....just hanging out for a bit. Easy as pie! I definitely did not expect gifts-yes, plural-gifts in exchange!? She was so sweet to bring me the most amazing Black & White cookie I have ever put in my mouth (obviously it did not last long enough to be photographed) that I enjoyed last night & for breakfast this morning. She also brought me the coolest pencil holder I have ever seen....photographed here (image from MOMA website). Not only is it super cool to look at....but it's got a super cool story behind it as well. It's made by EVAMARIA from E.V.A (ethyl-vinyl-acetate), which is a synthetic, non-recyclable material that usually ends up in landfills forever. Cheap flip-flops & some children's toys are made from this stuff. Then the actual pencil holder part is made from cardboard tubing. The cool thing is that these are made in Sao Paulo, Brazil by local men & women.....thus giving them a source of income. I'm really excited about this gift. So perfect for me-right?! I do believe I shall put my rendering pencils (that are rarely used) in my fancy new pencil home or office??? hmmm......

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