Life Update

Been busy the past few weeks. The warmer months on the Emerald Coast are polar opposite from the colder months........ridiculously busy social scene vs. so bored I want to pack my stuff & move come holiday time. So here are some things I have been up to besides eating (a lot) and going out (not a lot, patting myself on the back):

-Basketball...Every Monday night at the Methodist church my parents go to down here. I actually played basketball for 7 years (middle & high school) and I was actually kinda good. It's, unfortunately, been about 6 years since the last time I played. It was hard (physically) to get back into the swing of it, but mentally it's been a rush. I forgot how much I enjoyed playing. I even look forward to Monday nights now a little more than I do Friday nights. Craziness.

-Running.....I get fat & lazy every winter followed by killing myself every spring to get my butt into a bikini. Running & I have a love hate relationship for sure. It sucks to start running again every spring. One day I will run year round, one day. After a few weeks though I am hooked. I have finally gotten to that point again. Feel like I can not function until I have run that day. Love it.

-The date thing didn't work out....poor guy. I know a few of you are laughing right now :) How was I supposed to know that he would loose his job the day after I broke things off?! Oops!

-Southern Living Idea House....working on with the rest of the Tracery crew here. Paige & AK are doing the install this coming week while I 'man the fort' back in the office. Keep your fingers crossed b/c I do believe my little face might end up in that magazine?! Yay!!!!!

-Sitting on the Beach whenever I can. Loving life & finding time to read again. Just finished 'Same kind of different as me'. Life changing. Go get it NOW. Currently reading Chelsea Handler's 'My horizontal life'-hilarious! Two totally different books. Don't judge.

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