weekend wrap-up

Another fun weekend down, millions more to come! No pictures for this post. I really do need to get better about taking more photos when I'm out & about. Any who-Friday was the highlight of the weekend....thanks to the Solomons & Stephanie for throwing Justin, Stephanie's husband, a big ole birthday bash! It was a cool night enjoyed under the florida stars & old live oaks with the wonderful musical stylings of local legends Dread Clampitt to set everything off. It was very reminiscent of our annual 4th of July bash held in the same neighborhood. Fun was had by all....all being most of 30-A! I was able to visit with the Pritchetts, Morgan & Will Palmer, and...dum, dum, dum....Seleta Hayes! Seleta has quickly become one of my blogging idols in the last year. It was so nice to finally meet her & have a chance to chat with her and hear a few more details about her trip to New York to stay with Eddie Ross & do a little shopping (jealous!). It was also interesting to hear that she is a fellow Georgia Southern Alum...Go Eagles! What am I saying?! I never had any school spirit...hehehehe. Fun weekend....lots of tagging here....and lots of

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simply seleta said...

Hey!!! Wasn't that fun?!?! Despite the frostbite frigid wind.

Get back on FB, cute shot of us all Stacy took.

So glad we met!