spring fling

I hate to admit this, but I do (sometimes) take where I live for granted. Let me follow that up with this statement: I live at the Beach. And not just any beach, no...I live at one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. However, the winters can be a little depressing with all of the restaurants closed down & nothing to do. That's why spring is so exciting around these parts. Everything gets freshened up & opened. Every time you turn around there are a million fun things to do that you completely forgot about. There is so much fun it can actually be slightly overwhelming! So I have been staying busy with outdoor concerts in the amphitheater in Seaside, long walks with Fish (minus recently), warm breezy lunches at Bud & Alleys and weekend afternoons laying on the beach. It's this time that reminds me why I could not wait to start my life here.

Ah...& that is AK's Murphy baby pictured enjoying the first concert of the season with us last week.

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