babies, babies, babies!

Boy was this an Easter to remember! Not only was it wonderful to spend some time with friends & family....I was also blessed to hear not one....but TWO wonderful announcements! Jessica & Lee are expecting again and shared the good news in the cutest of ways. We had a big Easter weekend family lunch in Omega with everyone and Jessica sends Sumner Boo in the house first with plastic eggs for all of the grandparents. Of course my mother screams bloody murder as soon as she opens her egg to find inside one of the first pictures of the new addition. I will be getting a new niece or nephew come early December. What a wonderful Christmas present! That definitely was not the end of the good news....I wish I had actually looked at my cell phone that day because one of my bestest buds from high school (not sharing the name till I get the okay from her) is also expecting her first little one in October! This is going to be such a fun year with all of the new babies to go home & meet over the holidays. Then to top if all off the Duggar family announced on the Today Show this morning that their oldest is expecting his first born. Babies, babies, babies!
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