25 & feeling fine

Let me start by thanking all of my family & friends for making my 25th birthday so fun & enjoyable! I have been such a blessed girl & have been lucky enough to celebrate my birthday several times this year.....including a wonderful sushi dinner at Chops tonight with Krissi (really wish I could link you to her hilarious blog, privileged eyes only, hee hee). I'm always laughing and having a good time when she's around!

Let's see....guess I'll start from the beginning?? Moma & Edd gave this amazing brand spankin' new laptop that I'm blogging away on as we speak....or type?! They made the drive down for part of the weekend and we had a great time laughing, catching up, stuffin' our faces & playing with Fish Monster. Abbey drove in from Savannah for the weekend as well & that was some much needed catch up-girl time. Celebrated Friday night with dinner at La Botana with Dad & Ann, Saturday night at Paige's house (the 'party house') & later Jambone. Saturday night Libster brought me these gorgeous tulips that I was able to enjoy the entire next week. Libster, along with my other amazing girlfriends I have made on 30A, gave me a gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand made necklace by an artist I salivate over on a regular basis....photoed to the right. I still cant believe they did that. As stated earlier-this was a very blessed birthday!

Mega Boo sent Catfish & I a very interesting box of goodies from Athens....think Fish did better than I on the b-day?! Nah, I love you sis & thanks so much! I was able to spend some laid back beach time with the girls at the end of the weekend, followed by sushi (big surprise). Goodness! Quite the little weekend & birthday. I'm 25 & feeling fine!

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