life update...

Life has been interesting here lately...

1. homegirl went on a date...what?! like 'wined & dinned'....we will see what happens.
2. I have not eaten chicken, beef or pork in 21 days.
3. I would probably physically harm a small child if they walked by with a cheeseburger at the moment. Kidding....sort of.
4. I have a roomie! Yay for an improvement in the cash flow. I for see a lot of traveling in my future....well, by car & in the South East. Lets not get too crazy :)
5. One of my favorite friends from my hometown got engaged over the weekend. Yay for Tyler & J.C.!!
6. Getting to work on a very fun project that might have me in Birmingham quite a bit this spring. Interesting....
7. Still itching for a tan and some flip flop weather!

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